Lake Hortonia is a 480 acre lake, average depth of about 20 feet with a maximum depth of about 80 feet. It has many coves and islands. It is located is in the Towns of Sudbury and Hubbardton, Vermont.

The lake is located in a environmentally rich area known as the "lakes region". This area comprises many lakes including Lake Bomoseen to the South, Lake Dunmore to the North and Lake Champlain 10 minutes to the west.

The area is directly located at the terminus end of the Taconic mountain range and the start of the Lake Champlain Valley. There are several wildlife management preserves nearby. The area is boarded by the Green Mountain National Forest to the east. Mt. Moosealamo can be seen looking to the north (elevation 2600')

The culmination of this topography creates a very unique area of mountains, lakes, valleys and wildlife.

Lake Hortonia Property Owners Association
Officers And Board Members
September 2015-2016
Position Name Address Phone Email
President Kent Pieri
V. President Carole Beauregard   (802) 273-2580
Treasurer Margaret Villeneuve
Secretary Lewis Enama 14 Stoddard St.
Seymour, CT 06483
(802) 273-2227
Project Coordinator David Weaver
Member Peter Hathaway 103 Laurel Lane Waterbury Vt 05676 ((518)935-8977
Board Tab Beauregard
Board Walter Crocker   273-2163  
Board Francis Geoffrey   273-3419  
Board Susan Ryerson
Board Peter Valine

The elevation of Lake Hortonia is about 600' and with Signal Mountain (elevation 1400') a few minutes to the North.

Middlebury is about 20 minutes north on route 30. Rutland is about 35 minutes to the east on route 4. Castleton is about 15 minutes south, Brandon is about 15 minutes to the east, Lake George is about 50 minutes to the east. Burlington is about an 1 hour and 20 minutes to the North.

Climate zone is 5a.
Growing season days: 126
Average summer temps: 82/58
Average Winter temps: 30/11
Heating degree days: 7286
Average yearly snow fall: 62"
Average days of sunshine: 165

The area has a long history of vacation families starting with Hyde Manor in the 1800s, and ending with many summer camps, of which one is left,

If you live in this area, or vacation here, you are truly blessed.

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