6 thoughts on “LHPOA Notice of Planned Treatment

  1. Mike Kelley

    I feel the association needs to look outside the box and get away from chemical treatments. Look at Lake Bomoseen they use no chemicals and only harvest and they have success controlling milfoil. They just purchased a new harvester that bags. The cut weeds why did we not get our head out of the sand and look for other methods!!



    I do not agree with last comment! I lived on Bomoseen going back 40 years. We saw week harvesters and saw chemicals. The weed cutter just cut weeds and they floated to shore and regenerated. then a messy pile of dead weeds everywhere on the shore. The only way weeds were controlled for any length of time was with chemicals, with no detriment to the water or shore that I could detect. I’m totally or the bio-chemicals.


  3. Francine Yannarelli

    Are there any further treatments scheduled as I have a family reunion planned for the second week of July?



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